The Old Man Farm blog is a window into our life on a small scale, subsistence, Permaculture farm.  We are:

Kate Oland (writer, mother, library staffer, farmer, and generally inquisitive person)

Brooke Oland (photographer, father, farmer, naturalist, dog lover, and former sailor… also an inquisitive person)

Linnaea, Liam, and Eben Oland (three fun, funny, kind and inquisitive children growing up amidst the chaos on Old Man Farm)


We hope to share, through photos and stories and poems and musings, the triumphs and trials that make up small farm life.  Welcome to our grand experiment!


One thought on “About

  1. Dirk van Loon

    I found Kate Oland’s comments in Willick’s CH (March 16) report on the Shift Conference bang on with regard to urban assumptions and their impact on rural communities. Thank you. Much else of what was said, as reported in that story, sounded like Ivany Commission redux, pointing to short-comings and urging action. What action? Let’s get specific, based on the kinds of things Kate pointed out. Dirk

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